8 Canberra food blogger’s advice for eating your way through the National Multicultural Festival

8 Canberra food bloggers advice for eating your way through the National Multicultural Festival

There is only three more sleeps until the National Multicultural Festival is on again.  As per usual the food program will kick off at 4pm on Friday afternoon (the 17th) and continue until 5pm on Sunday.

After attending a number of Multicultural Festival’s I know that the KEY to an enjoyable time is planning ahead. Half of Canberra will be there wanting their fix of German beer and chips on a stick so be prepared. Last year I had a list of where I wanted to eat and a map printed with the locations highlighted (map available here). Having a game plan makes the Multicultural Festival a lot less overwhelming and more enjoyable.

So more importantly where should you eat? Well for that I turned to Canberra’s food bloggers to get you the very best advice!

The meat and rice pilaf from the Iranian Food stall. I found that the spices and herbs like saffron, parsley, dried pomegranate and dried lime in their dishes offered a different and unique taste. The meat was also very tender. – Rose from Travel and Beyond 

Hungarian Lángos will be available at the National Multicultural Festival at the Gyongyosbokreta Dance Group stall. Lángos is the quintessential Magyar street food: luscious, deep fried bread dough brushed with crushed garlic and sprinkled with salt and shredded cheese (the recipe for Lángos is in my new book available on my website and selected Canberra bookstores). I also love the Middle Eastern stalls, with their complimentary stuffed dates, peppermint tea, strong brewed coffee and exquisite sweets. – Liz from Good Things

If you were even questioning getting the Lángos…

The Hungarian stand hands down. Every year they are the first stall I look for. Lángos is delicious and their sausages are fantastic. Always my favourite pick for the festival! – Kristy from Tales of a Confectionist 

Basically DO NOT under any circumstances skip the Lángos!

The Sicilian Tent’s ricotta cannoli and the sfogliatelli. And from Latin America, Arepas washed down with a non-alcoholic Guarana Kuat from Brazil. – So Frank Social 

The Taiwanese Association of Canberra Australia stall will be serving Taiwan beer and Taiwanese non alcoholic beverages, fried chicken and hot chips with plum powder. I also recommend trying the ‘Otai’ – a refreshing Tongan drink with coconut cream/milk, pineapple pieces, watermelon pieces, sugar and water. So delicious and usually only $5 per cup. –  Eileen from The Food Avenue

My favourite part of the festival is the amazing variety of BBQ and the exotic foreign beer. – Elias from CBR Foodie

As a vegetarian, I always love the Nepalese momos. Plus drinking cocktails straight from any sort of hollowed out fruit – coconuts, pineapples, all of the above. Super kitsch, but I love it. – Bec from Inexplicable Wanderlust 

Loukoumades from the Greek ladies are always on my ‘must have’ list! – Lisa from My Capital Plate

I would love to hear what your favourite National Multicultural Festival food stall is in the comments below!

Photo credit: ACT Government 

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  1. Liz (Good Things)
    February 14, 2017 at 7:06 pm (3 months ago)

    The National Multicultural Festival really IS one of the best events held in Canberra. Being Hungarian, love the langos, of course, but am also enthralled by the Middle Eastern stalls and all their exquisite complimentary offerings of mint tea, dates, saffron lemonade and other good things. Thank you for the kind shout out, Megan. Great post. X


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