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A couple of months ago I ducked into The Front in Lyneham to grab a coffee before a hair appointment and noticed that everyone’s food looked AMAZING. I grizzled to myself that I didn’t have time to stay and eat but made a mental note to return to check out their brunch menu for the breakfast project.

I found out in the interim that The Front has gone and got themselves a French chef who appears to have done a once over on the menu and most importantly is baking all the pastries and bread on site. Despite this the cafe still has a relaxed, eclectic vibe. It is one of the few cafes where I feel as though you could sit there all day and only order a couple of coffees and they wouldn’t mind at all.

We arrive late on a Sunday morning, the place is pretty packed but we manage to knab a seat outside in the Autumn sun. The menu is short and sweet but packed with simple and fresh ingredients. Brendan can’t go past the megga egg and bacon roll and I chose to go with my usual order – avocado and poached eggs with some bacon on the side.

I need to take a moment to let you know the homemade bread is My piece was cut unevenly but that aded to the rustic feel of the meal. The crust was super crusty – sorry I can’t think of a better way to explain it and the middle was soft and fluffy. Next time I plan to just get the toast with assorted spreads which I would usually never even consider ordering (paying for toast is not my idea of eating out) but this bread is worth it.

My eggs were slightly overcooked and my bacon was extra crispy but all in all it is an enjoyable meal and you can tell that the ingredients are fresh and for $15 it is a bargain price for breakfast in Canberra. Brendan thoroughly enjoyed his Megga roll – his eggs were runny and once again the bread was the winning ingredient.

The Front is a great place to go for a low key brunch, where you can sit and relax and enjoy a slow morning.

The Front – Cafe and Gallery
1 Wattle Place, Lyneham
6249 8453
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